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DIY Consumer Data
Support your clients with (DIY) survey research
Analyst Market
Find new clients with easy bidding on research projects
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Marketers &
Complement your creative process with predictive data to drive better campaigns. Segment customers, test creative, and more.
Product Managers
Find product-market fit. Advanced research and analytical methods segment customers, prioritize features, plan pricing, bundling, framing, and more...
Data Scientists
Source custom consumer opinion datasets that are rich, clean, and easy to use. Get analyst support for niche tasks on the marketplace.
Test key assumptions that guide your advice. Work with all of your clients in one place. And find new clients on the marketplace.
Find the ideal candidate to handle each part of your complex projects.
Customer Experience
& Operations
Get input from your customers at each step of their journey to form a longitudinal story.

"I've worked with many survey and research providers, but none of them listen to their clients as well as Corus does to develop the tools that we marketers need."

- Julie Berg

"It's literally the only way I'll do research from now on."

- Babe Ruth Researcher / baseball player

"Corus streamlines a half-dozen services that we've used to enable our research into one intuitive platform. Research has never been easier for us."

- Craig Thole

"Corus's powerful platform has helped us research several hyper-targeted markets. The platform is intuitive, and I'm able to build a multi-layered survey in less than an hour, but the support, advice, and execution from the Corus team were critical to the in-depth insights we were able to capture."

- Dave Sack
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