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Corus gives you a totally new way to
get trustworthy insights

Surveys people love
  • Build surveys for free
  • Collaborate on your survey design with a team of any size
  • Include advanced survey logic (branching, piping, etc.) and translate your survey to any language automatically (free)
  • Increase response rates with our pay-per-question model, which keeps surveys short and rewards respondents (or their favorite charities)
Post-call on-screen feedback
  • Trigger on-screen surveys after calls
  • Improve response rates vs. SMS, email, and IVR dial-by-number surveys
  • Audit agent performance and understand performance drivers in real-time
Location triggers
  • Trigger surveys by passing through geolocation fences or beacon signals
  • Create an outlet for bad reviews before they hit Yelp
  • Target surveys/research to recent visitors of specific stores/locations or within set geographic areas
Respondent retargeting
  • Target respondents who answered questions different ways across multiple surveys - Never regret sending a survey too quickly
  • Combine retargeting with unparalleled filtering to dig deep on your most pressing questions

It all starts with better data

Corus is dedicated to respondents, so you get data that you can trust

Our respondent experience includes...
  • The ability to share private feedback with 94 m business locations (so we have users that wouldn't join a traditional panel)
  • An elegant interface and survey experience
  • Support for taking surveys in over 60 languages
  • Common demographic attributes stored to shorten surveys
  • Cash payment per question with an instant charity donation option
…and we maintain rigorous quality controls....
  • Users placed on probation for failing automated attention tests or responding too quickly
  • Validation of phone numbers and user location ensures respondent accuracy and uniqueness
  • Algorithmic and periodic demographic data validation (e.g. respondent restatement of static attributes like birthday for consistency)

"It's literally the only way I'll do research from now on."

- Babe Ruth Researcher / baseball player

"I've worked with many survey and research providers, but none of them listen to their clients as well as Corus does to develop the tools that we marketers need."

- Julie Berg

"Corus streamlines a half-dozen services that we've used to enable our research into one intuitive platform. Research has never been easier for us."

- Craig Thole

Who uses Corus

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Startups
  • Retailers, banks, restaurants, and more
  • Pollsters
  • Journalists
  • Students and academics

How Corus is used by business clients

Voice of the customer
  • Satisfaction and feedback audits
  • Product-market fit validation
Product development
  • Conjoint and monadic choice experiments
  • Market segmentations
Marketing and communications
  • A/B message and creative testing
  • Brand perception benchmarking and tracking
Corporate analysis
  • Business intelligence for sales pitches
  • Due diligence for investment decisions

The survey platform
that does it all

  • Build a survey of limitless complexity with ease
  • Work with your team to get the survey just right
  • Automatically translate surveys to 60 languages for free or get human translation for ~20 cents per word
  • Get responses from 80 million people in 135 countries for only 10 cents per question answered*
*price may be higher for low incidence populations or for healthcare providers
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