Are you making it easy for your customers to voice their opinions?

Corus for businesses

How it works

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Create quick surveys you’d like answered by your in-person visitors.

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With our beacons installed on your premises, users will be sent your surveys as they walk by.

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Use our rapidly collected feedback data to drive better decisions.

Own or operate a business?

Corus location-based feedback is a revolution in the way you listen to your customers

With our proximity beacons, your customers, patients, or visitors can easily…

  • Audit your retail operations
  • Help you to measure the effectiveness of your out-of-store marketing campaigns
  • Rate their satisfaction with your store, dealership, medical practice, etc
  • Share their contact information at your events

Corus proximity beacons are small, battery-powered devices that you install on-site to trigger custom surveys as your visitors pass by.

Corus Market Research and Analytics

Corus works with executive teams from startups, growing businesses, and Fortunes 500 companies alike to integrate primary research and statistical insights into their decision-making cycles.

Our strengths

Global consumer and healthcare professional respondent panels

Rapid turnaround, supporting timely decisions

Robust analytics from our team of statisticians

Clear and concise communications and reporting


Insights with more statistical rigor than traditional market research

Results delivered faster and at lower cost than consultancies

Corus Free Survey Platform

Need a great survey tool? So did we.
Our clients were sick of monkeying around with other services, so we built a better looking, more capable platform.

  • Unlimited responses
  • No third-party ads
  • No restrictions on survey logic or length
  • Free automated translations to more than 40 languages
  • Free survey widget for your website
  • Responsive touchscreen views formatted for "tap" not click
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