Corus Market Research and Analytics

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  • Proprietary software enables rapid survey design and limitless customization.
  • 80m respondents in over 135 countries, with granular subpopulation targeting.
  • 48-hour data turnaround on most surveys with sample sizes of 1,000.
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  • Contextual. Our analyses are structured to support your strategic needs.
  • Experienced. Team members were pioneers in data science across numerous industries.
  • Quality. Statistical standards exceed our competition.
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  • Our reports are structured for narrative flow, and are designed to support strategic decision making out of the box.
  • We provide actionable insights, not a PowerPoint tome of random facts.
  • We strive to make things simple and clear, not overwhelming and dense.

Consumer research

Our analytics team can determine what drives the opinions of consumers, voters, or patients across the globe, with representative sampling by location

Instantly ask 18m people in over 60 countries with precision targeting
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Healthcare research

2.5m physicians + 1m other HCPs

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650k prescribers 75% of US market

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Validated quality
  • All 50 US states and specialties
  • 100% verified by NPI
  • 100% opt-in
  • Tied to IMS decile
Panel includes
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Pharmacists
  • PAs and NPs
  • And others...
Targeting by
  • Specialty
  • Location
  • IMS decile
  • Conference participants

High analytical standards

Our team members are selected only after rigorous validation of their abilities

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We devised the following START principles to uphold our analytical integrity

  • Itnegrit icon 1 STRATEGICMatch the output of analysis to well-understood client needs
  • Itnegrit icon 2 TimelySupport prompt decisions while the data remain relevant
  • Itnegrit icon 3 ActionableEnable decisive conclusions on the basis of sound evidence
  • Itnegrit icon 4 RobustWithstand tests of reliability without ambiguity
  • Itnegrit icon 5 TransparentCommunicate results for clarity of meaning and method
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