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Industries We Serve

Capability Highlights

Brand Strategies by Drug Lifecycle
  • Stay ahead of budgets, competitors, patient trends
  • Conduct customer or market segmentation
  • Examine consumer needs with driver analyses
  • Use predictive analytics to model demand
  • Field periodic brand trackers
Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns
  • Field A/B tests for ideal message and creative
  • Build market-mix models for ideal channels
  • Use segments for a targeted approach
  • Develop KPIs and measurement loops
  • Build continuous improvement dashboards

Case Study


For a major prescription brand at a top-3 pharmaceutical company, Corus overhauled a stagnant, midlife marketing campaign to reach thousands of healthcare providers with tailored messages and channels.

  • Evaluated the client’s data to determine what physician variables indicate receptivity to each targeted campaign
  • Segmented 100k+ physicians into several dozen groups based on marketing preference algorithm
  • Maximized the overall budget ROI by optimizing channel spend for each group
  • Built models to track and validate outcomes
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