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Industries We Serve

Capability Highlights

Enter New Markets
  • Assess macro and micro market risks
  • Validate and calculate total market opportunity
  • Determine market localization needs
  • Identify on-the-ground partners
  • Define logistics, legal, and execution requirements
  • Perform competitive analyses
  • Assess entry (build/buy/partner) options
Achieve Product-Market Fit
  • Perform consumer needs analyses
  • Evaluate competitive landscape
  • Determine price sensitivity and price optimum
  • Optimize product features and functions
  • Forecast demand
  • Create brand and go-to-market strategies

Case Study


Corus was enlisted to develop the strategy for a consumer app that’s now on millions of phones worldwide. We started in the US with a research-first approach to knowing the customer. The elements of this process were then repeated in localizing this app for consumers in other international markets.

  • Conducted primary research to validate demand, prove assumptions, and prioritize roll-out
  • Developed market segmentations for each country, along with targeted marketing strategies for the highest-potential segments
  • Used monadic price tests to identify the revenue-maximizing price in local currency
  • Averted major losses of time and capital by identifying market-specific nuances that were critical to execution
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