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Industries We Serve

Capability Highlights

Logistics Optimization
  • Develop measurable KPIs
  • Forecast demand/capacity
  • Identify trends using big data
  • Optimize shipping/transport routes
  • Dashboard development/self-service reporting
  • Audit information storage, use, and usability
Product and Service Refinement
  • Identify best practices from direct and adjacent industries
  • Evaluate each step of the customer journey
  • Identify opportunities for innovation, differentiation, and efficiency
  • Quantify loyalty as a function of satisfaction
  • Test and forecast the ROI of key changes while avoiding costly missteps

Case Study


Corus helped a transport agency identify the optimal airlines, routes, and schedules for a new international connection that had limited arrival slots. The objectives were to ensure fulfillment of consumer demand without compromising revenue targets or operating service levels.

  • Fielded consumer and staff surveys
  • Gathered the relevant flight, facility, and operating data
  • Performed multivariate analyses to construct a matrix of consumer preferences and decision-driving variables
  • Built an optimization framework that empirically allocated the scarce number of non-stop frequencies after evaluating tens of thousands of different options
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