DIY Research and
Experience Management

Our intuitive survey builder includes enterprise-grade features
Design your survey
  • All features available to all (advanced question types,
    branching, piping, and more) so you can build complex
    surveys with ease
  • Collaboration features to work with your team or help you
    hire on the Analyst Market
  • Instant free survey translation to 60 languages (or rapid
    integrated human translation for a small fee)
  • Pay per question so we can reward respondents fairly
    and to keep surveys short and focused
Get respondents
No need to recruit a panel; we've already got it
  • Choose your audience with complex filtering and targeting
  • Effortlessly retarget respondents based on prior surveys
    to avoid post-survey regret
  • Send surveys to your own customers or audience with
    our private distribution wizard
Review your insights
  • Explore the data with our powerful dashboard
  • Export your data with automated data cleansing and
    appended metadata in analysis-ready structure
  • If you need help with the analysis and report building, hire
    the right expert directly
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