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Call center feedback

Hear it all here


  • Take single-tap surveys on their phone right after a call
  • Get paid
  • Thrust that you are listening to them


  • Engage - provide better information to callers visually!
  • Listen - get more, better feedback data
  • Drive action - identify the drivers of caller behavior and satisfaction in real-time

Take advantage of the screen in customers' hands when they call your support line

How it works


During a call

Information can be shown on screen to deliver easier to understand answers OR to save unnecessary voice IVR components that delay action


If a call doesn't finish

If a caller needs to hang up or if the call drops, we let callers select a time to pick up the conversation and resolve their issues without frustration


After a call

After a call, you aren't asked to make the call even longer, you get to hang up and share feedback with a single tap

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