Analyst Market

Find the ideal candidate to execute research end-to-end.
Experienced help, on-demand
Search vetted candidates - only the best are
approved to bid for jobs on Corus
  • We approve only the top 10% of applicants
  • You can search by skills, experience, and ratings to get
    the right person, not an analyst that an expensive
    research firm just happens to have available
Research is hard work. Focus on making
decisions and with the support you need.
  • Research planning and survey design (Corus
    collaboration tools simplify communication)
  • Data analysis and actionable insight generation
  • Boardroom-ready report and communications
Post projects risk-free and review bids
with no commitment.
Project management with
Collaborate with your expert and oversee their
work directly

You don't have to wonder how far along the work has
progressed - you have full transparency into the survey
instrument and data collection at all times

Manage your project effortlessly

Share files, track progress, release interim payments and more

Quality and accountability
Ongoing quality improvement

Our analysts are highly motivated to perform as their rating
determines their ability to win more projects. As well as their
continued place on our market

Can Corus analysts handle the really
tough stuff? You bet
Price testing
Use the Gabor-Granger or Van Westendorp
methods to draw price sensitivity curves for
your product or service.
Monadic Split-cell
Determine the impact of framing and
bundling on take rate and revenue
Determine the relative impact on choices
made by consumers among many variables
like color, size, and price.
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