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Design your survey
  • Build a survey of limitless complexity with ease
  • Work in concert with your team to build the perfect survey
  • Translate your surveys to 60 languages instantly
Choose your audience

Send your survey to…

Your customers
Recipients without our app can respond in a browser
Physical locations
Geofences or beacons trigger surveys at the time(s) and place(s) you specify
The world (or your neighborhood)
Move above physical locations in sequence
Call centers
Assign different surveys to show directly on smartphone screens at different IVR endpoints
Review your insights

View the results in our dashboard and/or export the raw data for your own analysis.

  • Explore your data with our easy-to-use chart builder, allowing for cuts by demographic traits
  • Export the dataset to CSV or Excel with automatic data cleansing and rich metatagging that’s formatted for easy analysis
  • Use our demographics on app users for free without having to ask respondents for their gender, age, etc.

Survey Builder

  • Collaborate with as many teammates as you want
  • Machine translation to 60 languages
human translation of surveys for about 20 cents per word

Locations & Phones

  • Claim a geo-fence for your place of business
  • Integrate to your IVR
beacons for tight spaces - $25


Starting at…
question answered
location review (including AI analysis)
  • Apply demographic filters before distribution
  • Retarget respondents based on prior surveys
  • First 5 questions you ask your customers


  • Extract data with known demographics appended
  • Access a real-time dynamic dashboard
Managed Project Execution and Advanced Analytics
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